Leigh "AVIDMERRON" Francis HIS LIFE!!!


This part of my web-site is dedicatted and is all about LEIGH FRANCIS or AVID MERRON off of off Bo'' Selecta and BIG BROTHER. Here's is some things you might like to no about him that I have found out and place on here for you to check out. His real name is Leigh Francis, the "AVID MERRON" name is just the joke one he uses to confuse and compensake celebrities and other famous folks off of off the TV and FILM, and MUSIC too.


"This is a picture of him as Avid. Behind him is when he plays Michael Jackson OR MJ as they call him some-times, the other one is The Monkey. Leigh likes to where masks for playing these funny charactors"



Leigh Francis (born May 30, 1973) is a comedian from Leeds, England. He married Jill Carter on Halloween, 2003.
Francis was "discovered" by television presenter Davina McCall, who got him regular appearances on MTV UK. This kick-started his television career.
In postmodern fashion, Leigh Francis conducts nearly every interview and arrives at every celebrity function in his character guise of Avid Merrion. He is rarely seen without being in character, and many have trouble understanding that Avid Merrion is a fictional creation and so Francis' name means very little in popular discourse. He did conduct an interview as himself for The Frank Skinner Show.
Francis also plays many other celebrities, using comical masks and inappropriate accents, in sketches in his series Bo' Selecta!. His focus changed to character of "The Bear" (a rude teddy bear) rather than Avid Merrion, as part of the new series A Bear's Tail. This follows the first use of Francis' real name at the head of the titles for the 2004 Christmas special.

Avid Merrion
Avid Merrion, Leigh's fictional character creation, is most famously known from the British television comedy sketch show, Bo' Selecta! as a Celabrity Stalker.
Born in the small town of Arachnipus near Transylvania, Romania to a father who was a Dracula impersonator, Avid grew up to be the "number one super fan, here in the world". He came to England because of "something to do with the police".

Avid Merrion
Merrion lived in his London flat for a long time with his dead mother slouched in one cupboard and Craig Phillips from TV's Big Brother chained up in another. His only other friend was Ozzy, a refugee who used to operate a TV printing business in the flat beneath Avid's. Avid claims, in a distinct eastern-european accent, "I don't know what he is!".
With his slurred and broken English, ginger mullet, peculiar sexual fetishes and obsession with showbiz figureheads, he made one scary stalker of celebrities. He famously wears a neck brace, allegedly due to an encounter with Liza Tarbuck which resulted in her punching him in the throat.
Merrion won the 1997 Best Newcomer Award in the 13th Annual British Academy of Adult Movies and Entertainment for his performances in Baker's Dozen and Red and Ready.
Avid spends most of his time harassing celebrities at functions such as book signings or movie premiers. He doesn't see it as harassment though but rather affectionate worship. Due to his hanging around at these events, he became noticed by the media during the third series of Big Brother on Channel 4 after he repeatedly attempted to break into the house to get closer to his television heroes.
After this, he was allowed to play his own part in the comedy series Bo' Selecta!. By the third season of this show, his newly elevated status in pop culture allowed him to talk one-on-one with celebrities rather than stalking them so his spots on Bo' Selecta! were transformed into his own chat show.
Avid has appeared on many other TV shows including Big Brother's Little Brother and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

"This is Leigh again but this time this is Leigh as the Avid charactor (see above)."